Sports Memorabilia Value: What’s It Really Worth?

Selling prices are all over the board, from as low $50 in some cases, to over $900 in others. We toss him a ball, and low and behold, he signs it. They witness every ball signed. There are literally thousands of sites that have this.

We do some more searching and click on to Steiner Sports. Two of the most important factors are condition of the item and authenticity. We now own Derek Jeter autograph baseball. Although who’s going to believe me if I want to sell it. It’s our lucky day! We happened to be in the right place at the right time.

What’s it worth?

On to ebay. Everybody wants to know how much money they can get for their sports memorabilia. Well, it was a new ball before the game, but after Jeter signed it, he threw it back to me and I dropped it and it got a little dirty. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple to determine.

The short answer is, and the answer that many sports memorabilia dealers tell their customers, is that your sports memorabilia is worth what someone is willing to pay you for it! Although this answer is simple enough, there is a way to determine the value of an item. Does that mean my ball worth $500?

So how does my ball compare with these. Other companies, such as Mounted Memories, Tri-Star, and UDA are reputable as well and their authenticity is not questioned in the industry. You can’t beat that unless you see the player sign the item yourself, which is impractical in most cases. If you pay less, you usually get less. It’s worth what someone is willing to pay for it!

When we get home from the game, the first thing we do is check the internet to see if we can find a value for our new prized possession. Plus my friend got some mustard from his hot dog on it. Reputation and integrity of the company or individual standing behind the product is more important than the product itself. Some have COA’s from Steiner, some from PSA/DNA, some from Joe’s Baseball Card Emporium, and some that have no COA’s at all.

The answer. But I still want to know what’s it worth?

By: Larry Levine

Lets continue.

 Not so fast, lets move on.

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When you pay top dollar from a company like Steiner Sports for an autograph baseball, you get a brand new, snow white baseball, with a strong, smudge free Derek Jeter penned signature on the sweet spot. Memory Lane specializes in the sale of autographs, sports cards, and licensed products. We don’t even know if half of these are real.

At this point we are totally confused. Now Steiner is one of the largest memorabilia companies around, are based in New York, and do exclusive signings with Derek Jeter. In fact, this company is a Steiner authorized distributor, the ball is authenticated by Steiner, and is the exact same item that Steiner sells for more. We are at Yankee Stadium and Jeter is signing autographs on the rail before the game. That is why some people will pay top dollar for their items, because they know that it’s real.

Next stop, a sports memorabilia store that sell Jeter autographed baseballs for $399. How much is it worth?” We hear this question all the time. Oh yea, Jeter signed it on the side panel with a sharpie, but I did witness it. How can there be such a price difference for the same Derek Jeter autographed baseball? Well the answer my friends, is that they are not all the same! There are many factors that determine the value of similar items. We go to our favorite search engine, type in “Derek Jeter autograph baseball” and, needless to say, we get the phone book. Because of their reputation, a Derek Jeter autograph with a Steiner Sports COA is the best you can do. A Derek Jeter autographed baseball signed on a dirty or soiled ball, or one that is signed on a side panel, or one where the autograph is fading, is certainly going to be worth much less.. Larry has been in the sports memorabilia for over twenty years, has appraised numerous collections, and was an expert witness in the OJ Simpson civil trial.

“I have a Derek Jeter autographed baseball. So is my ball worth $399?

Larry Levine is the owner of Memory Lane Sports Memorabilia, a full service sports memorabilia retail store located in Manhattan Beach California. If you are not sure that the ball has actually been hand signed by that player, it is worthless. They sell Derek Jeter autographed baseballs for $500 each. It is a top condition ball. It may not be what we can sell the item for, but we certainly can find out what similar items have sold for.

Let’s take the Derek Jeter autograph baseball as an example. Here we find a very wide range of Derek Jeter autographed baseballs from many different types of sellers. The same is true about authenticity

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