Miraculous Cures or Dangerous Quackery?

And that is where the conflict comes in. There is nothing fake about it. Sometimes, I will ask my friend Fern to dowse, or even blind dowse a question for me, if I am concerned about what might go wrong if I am not accurate. With that in mind, they have created a range of affordable and free products to help people with this goal. For example, don’t go to an allopathic doctor who thinks dowsing is fake and expect him to accept your dowsing results, or even listen to them. I hedge my bets by getting Nigel (my dowsing buddy) to dowse my questions on anything that seems important or serious. We all have free will, and I think a lot of apparent dowsing ‘errors’ are merely a clash of belief systems. If you hone your dowsing skill and follow wise dowsing practices, you will find that health dowsing can be a truly amazing tool in your toolkit. If it’s the latter, you would think even a novice could safely dowse about it. I wish I had a dollar for every mistake I have seen or heard a doctor make. Find a professional who is open.

If you are dowsing for a family member about health issues, make sure the person is open to your point of view and belief systems about health and dowsing. But since the desire is to experience health, most dowsers go beyond that. While I believe that health dowsing is one of the best applications of dowsing, I am aware that done poorly, it can also hold the greatest dangers. It will help you see the health picture more clearly and interpret your results more accurately

Choose to consult with health care practitioners who are open to your participation, if you health dowse

Health Dowsing Don’ts:

Never diagnose or prescribe for anyone if it is illegal to do so in your location

Don’t dowse about issues that are above your level of experience, as you will be more prone to error

Don’t use dowsing as a substitute for proper medical attention

Never dowse about anything you are fearful about. It’s one thing to choose a supplement that might be less than perfect for achieving your health goals, but it is dangerous to dowse incorrectly about life and death issues, and sometimes, it isn’t really obvious what those are.

In spite of the risks and warnings, if you seek proper training and have an appropriate outlook, you can develop health dowsing expertise that will be of great assistance to you, your pets and your family members.

Author’s Bio:

Maggie and Nigel Percy specialize in dowsing for personal growth–creating the life you want using dowsing. This can make it a challenge to only dowse within your level of experience. If you health dowse, do not interact with those who have totally different beliefs. But you need to know at the outset, that like all other types of dowsing, you won’t be 100% accurate when health dowsing. Nothing is 100%. For example, I could dowse that the pain in your arm is merely muscle pain and be correct, but if you have fallen and believe that it must be something much more serious, like a broken bone, you can manifest that outcome. In a sense, we both are right, but in the end, it’s your body, and your outcome to determine. Yet, dowsing is held to a higher standard. No one in their right mind expects a doctor to always know the answers or to always cure his or her patients. They are also expert health dowsers. And that is why you are wise to make health dowsing a personal choice, and to be very careful to exercise it with prudence and caution.

Health Dowsing Dos:

Things that can start small can end up being major health problems. But what if it’s something serious? There is a huge difference in risk if you dowse wrong in some situations.

I have adopted the attitude that no professional is perfect, and I have a level of competence in health dowsing that gives me really good, though not perfect, accuracy. So I want to take a little time to cover some basics that will help you if you are considering learning to health dowse. Also, if I have concerns about outcomes, I will be more inclined to be open to professional help.

I love health dowsing, but I am always aware that no dowsing is 100%, and when dowsing about health, that margin for error can lead to complications. Let’s look at them as Dowsing Dos and Dowsing Don’ts. So don’t dowse for anyone who doesn’t believe in pretty much the same things you do. One thing I can tell you for sure: dowsing for health can achieve miracles. Visit their website for more information: http://www.all-about-dowsing.com

Nowhere in dowsing is the conflict between different belief systems more dangerous to outcomes than in health dowsing. If that bothers you, don’t health dowse.

One of the most popular applications of dowsing is for health.

As I have often mentioned before, the fact that dowsing isn’t 100% is a non-issue. That pain in your side might be appendicitis, or it might be indigestion. Yet most of the time, they go on practicing and collecting fees. It’s not fair, but that’s the way it is. Often, pendulum dowsers start by dowsing their nutritional supplements. They have been teaching dowsing together since 2000, and their passion is to empower as many people as possible to learn to dowse. It’s asking for a conflict.

Always seek a second opinion, and a third opinion, especially on important health decisions

Use the services of a health care professional as appropriate

Only dowse about health issues you are able to be detached about

Dowse when you are in a balanced frame of mind, and you are feeling well physically

Obtain some background in health and anatomy and biology as appropriate. With that in mind, they are experts in both the ‘inner’ work of clearing personal blocks and the ‘outer work’ of space clearing to provide harmonious space for success

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